Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Recommended Congregational Actions for Peace - August 23/24, 2014

The Working Group on the Middle East has several  recommended actions for Metro Chicago Synod congregations to take for the weekend of August 23-24. Please use all of your church communication channels to publish these two actions.

 We pray that the one minute of silent prayer is making a difference in your congregation and community. This is a continuing request from Working Group members.

The monetary crisis for Augusta Victoria Hospital grows with each passing day. Bishop Eaton’s February 14, 2014 letter to John Kerry regarding the Palestinian National Authority (PA) payments has not alleviated the need for on-going support. If each family in your congregation would donate $5 to Augusta Victoria Hospital, it would be not only monetary support but personal encouragement for the hospital personnel who suffer daily with their patients.

Or consider financial support for a missionary to Jerusalem or to Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.

Reading material: “The Girl Who Stole My Holocaust” – Noam Chayut (an Israeli soldier)
And, in case you want to read more: http://www.mcselca.org/what/ministry/middle_east/

But mostly for this August 24 Sunday, we strongly encourage representatives from each of the churches to attend the meeting at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1133 Pfingsten Road in Northbrook from 3:30-5:00 pm where Ed Thompson, co-founder with Sam Bahour of ‘Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy’, a nonprofit organization promoting economic partnerships between Americans and Palestinians and Rev. Jon Holm, a reservist with Christian Peacemaker Teams will share his personal experiences of spending the last three out of five summers in Hebron (Al Kahlil) to help us understand the reality of life under siege and to see where hope and help can be shared.

Also, please go to this link to join the Facebook Event and share with others: bit.ly/Aug24Northbrook

Rev. Joanne Fitzgerald, WGME Convener