Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, Aug. 10 - Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton interviewed on the Al Mayadeen TV network

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton was interviewed on the Al Mayadeen TV network, based in Beirut, Lebanon. Al Mayadeen claims a viewership of about 20 million in the Middle East and beyond.  

Watch the full interview on Youtube.

Some excerpts:

"There must be a viable, contiguous, Palestinian state and a secure Israel."

"We are contacting Congress and the President and saying that the illegal settlements [on the West Bank] must stop."

"Since 2012 we've given $3 million in aid to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land . . . . Just lask week we sent $100,000 to Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jeruslame to send medical teams to Gaza to help the people down there."

The interview includes extensive discussion of the ELCA posture toward BDS vs. "positive investment," as well as exploration of the situations in Iraq and Syria, especially the fate of religious minorities there.