Saturday, January 24, 2015

WGME Joins "No Way to Treat a Child Campaign" - Congressional Meetings Set for March 18

Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy:
"Israeli Military Detention – No Way to Treat a Child."
The Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy has created a campaign entitled "Israeli Military Detention – No Way to Treat a Child."

Many Palestinian children in the Occupied Territories live in fear that they will be snatched and detained by Israeli authorities. Their fear is more than a child’s nightmare: Children aged 12-17 in Israeli military detention are often subjected to physical, emotional and psychological harm. The 47-year-long Israeli occupation has developed a systematic and sustained pattern in which abuse of children is the norm.

(Check out "Alone" - a 9 minute You Tube video - to get a feel for the Israeli military practices associated with child detention.)

The aims of the campaign are to:

* Stop night arrests
* Stop blindfolds and restraints
* Stop separation from parents
* Stop physical abuse and verbal threats
* Stop isolation and coerced confessions

The WGME is a coalition partner for this campaign.

The Chicago Faith Coalition plans to hold a Congressional Briefing in Washington, D.C., later in 2015.


Contact Ed Thompson
 to become one of the WGME
coordinators for this campaign.